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Global Women Intact

Our Cause

Led by creative and executive Director, Sia Amma, Global Women Intact is a 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to the elimination of the inhumane practice of female circumcision (the removal of the clitoris), still practiced in some African countries. Through educational programs and negotiations with decision makers in African communities, Global Women Intact continues to speak out in hopes of preventing the painful, disfiguring, and unhealthy process of female circumcision for thousands, perhaps millions, of African girls.

Our Mission

Since government initiatives to end female circumcision in Africa have largely failed, Global Women Intact is committed to supporting this cause by developing educational programs, creating awareness, and generating funding through performance events to ultimately end the practice of female circumcision around the globe.

Our Approach

Through strategic communications with African community leaders, Global Women Intact negotiates for the reduction and elimination of female genital circumcision by respectfully presenting alternative rites of passage and religious practices as a replacement for female circumcision. 
Rather than condemning community and religions leaders for their engagement in female circumcision, Global Women Intact has chosen to take the more effective approach of community involvement and education to meet our goals.

In addition Global Women Intact leverages the power of performance arts within the U.S. to spread our message, raise awareness, and fund our efforts in Africa.